The rain has turned to…

The rain has turned to snow. Ah well. Was nice while it lasted.

Realized I have one more dose of synthroid left -- one more than I thought I had, that is. So will put off picking up medicine and groceries until tomorrow; I can eat ramen today. I have to meet with a student on campus at 2 (left over from last semester), so the fewer additional interruptions to the revising, the better. Which this entry is, of course, as well. And my living room needs vacuuming, and my dishes need washing, and the kitchen floor needs mopping. The only time I actively want to mop the kitchen floor is when I'm supposed to be working. It's very sad. Whereas vacuuming urges can just arrive, out of the blue.

The snow appears to be turning back to rain. It's going to be one of those days.

Clandestine on iTunes at the moment; I've fallen in love with both "Peggy" and "Babylon", the two songs of theirs I have. Really ought to go dig up more of their music. But for now, I need to switch to wordless music. I have a playlist of that as well -- about ten albums of it. iTunes is exceedingly convenient.

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