It’s raining. I woke up…

It's raining. I woke up all cranky because I didn't sleep well or enough -- I think I had tea too late in the day yesterday; my mind was jittery all night. I came out to the sunroom, groggy and annoyed. Sat down, read e-mail, skimmed through some journals and the Rumor Mill (where Ben Rosenbaum is single-handedly keeping the discussion sharp and compassionate and sane). And only then noticed the soft thrum of rain outside, looked up and saw the window covered in droplets, the slick glossy sheen to the upstairs redwood deck next door. And it makes me happy again, the rain.

Today's mostly errand day -- get groceries, medicine, envelopes, deposit check, withdraw money, pick up manuscript. This evening I have class. The rest of the day, I should spend reading Due; the draft of my bio-bibliography of her is due 4/1, which really isn't so far away. I do have an earlier deadline -- next Tuesday, I have to present for five minutes on my research on a rare book. I haven't done my research on a rare book yet. So one of these days I should go back to the rare book room in the library and sit down with some of those rare books for a while. Not today, though. Probably either Thursday or Friday. I don't really know what I'm going to say about the rare book, or about Due. More research is indicated on both fronts, I think.

The other projects -- finish the darn POD. Progress is being made, but slowly. And read a whole bunch of John M. Ford and then do an interview with him, if he's willing. We're hoping to do an Author Focus on him for SH at the end of April. Revise two stories and hand them out -- oops, that needs to happen soon. Looks like I'm being workshopped next week, now that I check the schedule. Okie, so a new plan for today -- revise "Colombo, Oxford, Boston, Chicago" and "Pieces of the Heart", get them ready to submit. Tomorrow I can read Due, work on POD. And Friday I can go to the rare books room. That's a plan, at any rate. We'll see how well it works out.

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