Finished the travel…

Finished the travel grant application. How tedious these are. And how strange, to make yourself sound so pompous and academic...I thought of excerpting a part of it here, but it's just too painful. I pity the grant committee -- in fact, I pity grant committees everywhere.

I was a little more motivated to do the darn thing after doing some reading this morning -- I finished Ondaatje's memoir of his father, Running in the Family. It starts a little slow, but then it just gets better and better and better. I was entirely caught up in it by the end, and it brought back so many tiny memories of Sri Lanka. Made me crave to go back, so that I could identify exactly what a particular flower smelled like, taste the strange sodas again, etc. and so on. The grant application is for a minimum of six weeks...I could easily spend months there, I think. Fingers crossed.

Now I'm taking a bit of a break with a Nancy Atherton mystery. Roshani loaned me the first in this series while I was in Chicago, and I got hooked -- they're the Aunt Dimity series, starting with Aunt Dimity's Death. Fluff, but charming wish-fulfillment fluff. Very relaxing.

I've also been reading (here and there) several of Lemony Snickett's stories about the horribly mistreated Baudelaire children. I just finished the fourth in the series, and the fifth is eagerly waiting on my stack of books-to-read. It's all Susan Groppi's fault, I tell you. They are quite charming, though, especially the word play. M'ris, I think you might like these.

Okie, a little more reading, then shower and head to campus. Lots of errands there, including a meeting with the Humanities Dean to talk about the budget for the conference. Fun. (No, really. I like playing with other people's money. :-)

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