Made some art! …

Made some art! Nothing too ambitious, but the final result is pleasing to me. I'd been thinking for a while that it might look cool to have some dried flowers behind glass. I liked the depth of the look. A few months ago I found an appropriate frame; I just haven't had time to assemble the piece until now. This one took a few steps:

  1. buy roses and dry in advance
  2. print out poetry
  3. tear poetry and use spray glue to attach to matting
  4. insert matting into frame, behind glass
  5. cut florist's foam into the right shape to fit in bottom of frame (cutting paper first for a template)
  6. insert foam, and a set of dried roses into it
  7. glue white paper to backing
  8. glue a few layers of handmade tissue paper to white paper
  9. attach backing to frame -- done!
I thought I'd done this poem before, actually -- it's "Renewal", a rather old poem that I wrote for Jordan, oh these many years ago. Jordan, whom I had a rather luscious three months with before it all went up in smoke and flames. That counts among my messiest break-ups. But before we broke up, we had a lovely time; he was particularly good at romantic gestures, like taking me to rose gardens. And before, and after, we were friends. At least for a while...

It was very pleasant working on the piece, and now I'm pleased with the result. A good way to wind down, making art in front of the tv, after a busy day. Oh, btw -- we got some money from the Dean. Woohoo! :-) Conference step one, well underway. Now to go ask for money from lots of other people...

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