Art Editor Wanted The…

Art Editor Wanted

The art editors at SH are responsible for a number of monthly features in the department: illustration, gallery, and cartoon. They usually divide up the jobs between them.

The illustration editor is responsible for coordination with the senior fiction editor to selecting an artist for the monthly fiction feature. The art editor contacts the artist, negotiates a deadline, accepts the finished piece, crops spot illos to be used throughout the story, and sends the final illo and completed layout (or spot illos with indications of layout) to the webmaster and sends the completed artist questionnaire to the treasurer for contracts and payment. Access to a graphic design program that can crop images is necessary for this job.

The gallery editor is responsible for selecting an artist to showcase in the gallery. The editor coordinates with the artist a selection of 8-10 pieces and also lays out the webpages of the gallery, which are submitted to the webmaster. For the monthly cartoon, the editor lays out the cartoon. In addition, the gallery editor is responsible for updating the artist database with new submissions from artists and for acknowledging submissions. Basic HTML skills are necessary for this job.

If interested, drop me a note. As usual, these are volunteer positions -- also please note that SH staff are not allowed to submit fiction, poetry, or art to the magazine while they work for us.

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