Strange Horizons…

Strange Horizons t-shirts! SH mugs! The new t-shirts and mugs have arrived, and I think they look pretty darn cool. :-) (The planet on the t-shirt is the same color as that on the mug, mostly purplish -- my digital camera doesn't appear to understand that, though. Odd.) They're a little different than I expected; the planet sort of bleeds out to black as you go left, so that it's not a perfect globe. It looks a little more stylized than the planet on our site; closer to the one on our business cards. But still, spiffy, and very recognizable, I think. In some ways, it may be even better this way, because it's less of a generic planet, and looks more like a logo. Interesting. I'll be sending them out shortly to the people I owe them to. If you're a SH contributor, remember that you can buy them from us at cost + shipping. We encourage you to wear them at cons or use the mugs at work. :-) Details forthcoming on the contributors' mailing list.

Speaking of SH, I hadn't pointed you to this week's issue yet, had I? The conclusion of a two-part story, an article on making believable planets, new poetry, and a review of Steve Berman's queer sf collection. Much fun. Go read! :-)

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