Well, the list is…

Well, the list is shorter, but somehow, all the easy items got done, leaving me with the trickier ones for today. :-) Here's some of them:

  • finish interim CD selling page
  • read manuscripts for today and do crits
  • finish revising Kathryn story -- due!
  • write survey editorial -- due!
  • call AppleCare re: keyboard
  • send out pre-ordered CD's (when addresses arrive)
  • do Elissa and Bryan's recommendation
  • finish editing POD manuscript
  • do POD contracts
  • set up Enterprise tape
  • finish off old student stuff!
...plus a whole bunch of phone calls. I owe tons of people calls, and I suspect only half of them will get called. If that many. This is what happens when you leave town for almost a month and then come back only to go away again.

I'm drinking tea out of my SH mug! :-) It's very cool and sleek and black. I loves it.

I did manage to send out e-mails to staff and contributors letting them know that they could order t-shirts and mugs -- and yesterday I mailed out t-shirts and mugs to people who had been waiting patiently (yes, David, you too). Some of them not so patiently. It took a surprisingly long time to buy the packaging materials, pack them, and mail them -- at least an hour, I think. A bit annoying, but oh well. Now I know what the postage costs on them, so in theory, I can mail them from home if I pick up more supplies. Not sure it's worth the bother, though -- $4 is a lot of stamps.

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