It’s Monday already? …

It's Monday already? How'd that happen?

Lovely dim sum Saturday with the author of Finder and assorted others. Very cool, and thanks to Jed for organizing it. Had fun swinging through the Alternative Press Expo, although I did feel a little overwhelmed by yet another area of publishing that I know almost nothing about. The list of things I know almost nothing about is getting much bigger much faster than I'd really like. Ah well.

Not sure what happened after that -- much reading at Jed's this weekend. Caught up on Strangers in Paradise, Finder and Castle Waiting (since I mostly don't buy comics myself, I tend to binge when I get to Jed's). Read some more Tiptree stories; hope to finish that anthology by tomorrow. But I also had gobs of e-mail to deal with, only some of which has been handled at this point, and I *really* want to finish the Melcher thing today. Also thinking of stopping by BASFA tonight, if I can find a ride -- good for me and the magazine, I think. Jed, sadly, must work. Oof -- feeling a little overwhelmed. Must go accomplish things.

But I did finish one thing today -- a new illustrator store for SH, for Joe Murphy's "Ovigonopods of Love", illustrated by Gavin Schnitzler. Lovely bug porn. You want a mug, you know you do...

I'm also pleased that with this week's new issue of Strange Horizons, we have a story by Ellen Klages...and better yet, it's a story that I heard her read at the Broad Universe rapid-fire reading I organized for the Millenium PhilCon, and recommended that she send to us. So glad that my fiction editors liked it too. Charming tiny story. Also poetry by Tim Pratt, a new astronomy article from Brian Tung, and a review of a new Gaiman book, which sounds like it might make an excellent Valentine's Day present, if you're thusly inclined. Good week. :-)

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