Happy birthday, Karen! …

Happy birthday, Karen! Happy happy happy birthday! I hope you're loving Madison -- they just arrived there, safe and sound, for anyone who was worrying. I got an e-mail. Do something lovely for your birthday, okay? Don't just haul heavy furniture. :-) Have an ice cream or something, at the very least.

The other exciting news is that my CD covers are ready! Front, back, and liner notes! They're at the printers even as we speak -- darling Zak has not only done all the graphic design for me, but he's even getting the first batch printed and assembled because he is the sweetest graphic arts guy in the world. Really. The whole world. Sharon will back me up on this, I'm sure.

If y'all have any *paying* graphic design jobs, you think about hiring Zak, okie? He's a joy to work with, I assure you...

Must run and deal with a bunch more e-mail quick. Soon shower, then dress and pack, then Susan arrive, then off into the city for a busy day. (John, if you're reading this, I *will* call you soon, I'm sorry I'm such a goober...)

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