Two! Two subjects! Ha…

Two! Two subjects! Ha ha ha ha ha...

(I can't really figure out a good way to represent the Count's chortle, but you get the idea, I hope.)

Agreement signed by Shmuel, in consideration whereof, he is hereby appointed Grand Vizier of the Kingdom of Mary Anne:

"Droit du seigneur to be waived, of course, that being more appropriate for the commoners, but you'll get the undying loyalty (never mind the fingers crossed behind my back as I take the oath; it's an old family tradition signifying how intertwined our lives will be henceforth), the taxes (that bill I wanted you to sign? Oh, just a routine matter, certainly nothing at all about tax exemptions for those in the palace administration), and, of course, fawning and groveling on demand. I give very good grovel."

Back to Vesalius. 1563 -- corpses stolen in the night for medical student dissection...ick. Sorta cool, of course, but still, ick.

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