Morning, my dears. I’m…

Morning, my dears. I'm pleased to report that my kingdom continues to grow -- it is now large enough to have an official roster. So:

Official Roster

  • Marissa Lingen, First Subject
  • Shmuel Ross, Grand Vizier
  • C.J. Czelling (want a position, C.J.?)
The king is pleased.

One of my potential subjects has asked what the flag/heraldic device will look like, before he takes any loyalty oaths. I agree that aesthetics are important, but I have not yet devised a device. Suggestions are welcome. I am rather fond of lions. And dragons. My favorite colors are gold, wine, forest green, deep blue. Swords are good. Though I'm kind of small, so maybe a dagger would be more appropriate. And this is a kingdom of love, not fear, so maybe hearts? Though that seems a bit soppy. Heart pierced by a dagger? Hmm....overly Catholic imagery, I think. Remnants of my childhood occasionally rise up to haunt me. We'll have to ponder this further.

In other news, I'm spending a lot of today burning CDs, I think. And tomorrow, and the next day... I'm hoping to have some "Esthely Blue" and "Morningsong" CDs ready to take with me to the Bay Area; I suspect I can sell a few at the Good Vibes reading (2/19). We'll see how it goes -- Zak thinks he can finish off the design by tomorrow morning, and if so, then we'll be good to go. Fingers crossed. Burning CDs is slow! But it doesn't really matter, since I can do other things on the computer while it goes.

Lots of other things to do today, of course. Firstly, need to finish at least one draft of the Melcher project and send it off to them; Duncan is anxious. Ideally, I'd like to do a second version...we'll see. I'll give myself 'til 1:00 to work on that. Then a bunch of little things, probably. Class at 3. Some tv in the early evening. Then I'll probably start work again; I've gotten into a somewhat later schedule than normal -- going to bed at 1-ish and getting up at 9. Not great, but not so bad, since I seem to be working steadily from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. So I'm not actually losing time -- it's just being redistributed. Which is good, 'cause there's really rather a lot to get done before I leave town. But let's not think about that at the moment, okay? One thing at a time.

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