Negotiations are in…

Negotiations are in progress with Ms. Shaw regarding potential admittance to my kingdom. She offered to let me be her king if she could be my queen, but while that's certainly a very tempting offer, I'm really not very good with the equal divisions of power in my kingdom. (I require a controlling share, at least 51%, for true happiness.) I've offered her the position of princess-consort, but she may choose to retain control of her own kingdom, and we can just be friendly neighboring potentates, smiling at each other over the border.

Of course, then she wouldn't get to buy a cool Mary Anne's Kingdom Member mug.

What mug? Of course there's a mug. There are always mugs. (When our sun goes supernova and eats up all the planets in a fiery conflagration, there'll be some green-skinned antennae'd beastie in a starship hawking mugs full of beer (festive native Earth drink!), inscribed with the words "I was there when Sol bit the big one!") There must be a MA-kingdom mug. There will be. Possibly even a t-shirt. :-) Zak, you wanna design me a mug/t-shirt/etc? Not that you haven't already done enough for me...

Did everyone check out how cool Zak has made SH look these days? We're so sharp and crisp and pretty! Go see! And apparently his e-mail is finally back too. It's a day for small wonders.

Okay, back to the salt mines. Read a charming essay by Tolkien, "On Fairy Tales" on assignment from Chris Cobb -- in theory, we're writing a paper together connecting Tolkien's idea of consolation with Kay's Fionavar concept. I think in actuality Chris will be writing it and I'll be cheering on the sidelines, sipping a fizzy drink and occasionally offering pointers to things he forgot. We'll see, though. Now I go and read Vesalius for class -- what did the Renaissance think about the human body? I don't know yet, but I will soon.

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