I have managed to cross…

I have managed to cross one item off my to-do list. One! I will be excited, because that damn cosmology book (which I did like muchly) ate up like five days of list-item-crossing-offness. But finished it yesterday, and now crossed off *another* item, and soon I will be charging through my list with my customary glee. Fingers crossed.

But really, I came to offer you a glorious opportunity. Subsequent to an e-mail exchange this morning, M'ris agreed to let me be her king. Now, her agreement was somewhat lackadaisical, "Sure, why not?" or some such, but I think it constitutes a sufficient oath of fealty. E-mail agreements are binding, after all. So I wanted to offer y'all this exclusive opportunity to join my kingdom. Open only to readers of this journal (at the moment), and their affiliated others, is one kingdom membership, in the kingdom of Mary Anne. Along with your membership you get...well, the firm assurance that you'll make me giggle, on occasion, when I think of all of you. Maybe a Christmas card too, if you remember to send me your address. And in exchange, you offer me undying loyalty and droit du seigneur over all the members of your household. I pledge not to send you out to die on any battlefields unless the bad guys are really really bad. What do you think? If this sounds good to you, just drop me a line, and I'll add you to the Official Roster. (Not that there is an official roster yet, since I have only one subject, but one can certainly be created.)

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