This is too fabulous –…

This is too fabulous -- the original LoTR movie, starring Humphrey Bogart as Frodo, with Sydney Greenstreet as Gandalf, Marlene Dietrich as Galadriel, Dooley Wilson as Sam, Peter Lorre as Gollum, Orson Welles as Saruman, and Charles Waldron as Elrond. Screenplay by Raymond Chandler, adapted from the Tolkien original.

Needs a pretty high connection speed, I think. Worked fine on my cable modem.

And whether you have high speed or not, Monday is always a good day for visiting Strange Horizons! :-) Peggi's hunted up some interesting-looking LoTR music; there's a great and funny story called "Not to Mention Jack" by Charles Anders (whom some of you may know from his appearances at Clean Sheets, though this particular story has no sex in it), poetry, an article, a review of Molly Gloss's Wild Life (which I'm going to read soon, dangit -- it won the Tiptree, and I loved her Quakers in Space book that I read last summer). Good week. Go check it out.

It's snowing fiercely here, and I'm wanting to curl up with hot chocolate and read trashy Stephen Donaldson novels (started the 4th Gap book last night). Instead, I'm going to make some strong tea and get some work done. That's right. Sure I am.

One quick thing first -- I spent a while last night watching X-Files, and while I did, I put together one of my Christmas presents from Kirstie -- a wooden dragon, in many many little pieces. I put a light stain on it first, which I'm pretty happy with. I already had the stain -- if I were going to do it again, I might go to the store and buy a bunch of different wood stains, 'cause I think that would be a nice effect. Still, I'm happy with my new dragon -- he watches of the corner of the sunroom now. :-) No glue! It's all held together with clever wood pieces slotting into other wood pieces. (I only broke one piece, and it's on the back, so you can't easily tell. :-)

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