Tim bought the poem I…

Tim bought the poem I sent him for Star*Line! When it comes out, I'll have to remember to write him another one... :-)

Feeling a bit tired; lots of shopping. The big department store was having a massive sale, and I ended up trying about a hundred or so items in three hours. I can be very efficient. I bought two sweaters (one bronze, the other a dark mossy-green), a dress (light cotton, very springy), and a skirt (dark orange with lots of glittery bits and Indian patterns) in the end, each one more than 50% off. My mother and middle sister (queen and princess-heir-apparent of the sales, respectively) would approve. Satisfying, but still tiring. Then bought groceries. And now I'm home, and really ought to clean up and cook, since people are coming for dinner at 7...but I think I'm just going to rest for an hour or so first.

Maybe I can finish off that silly science book.

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