I cheered up eventually…

I cheered up eventually last night. Talked to Jed for a bit, managed to sit down and write for an hour and a half or so (on mysterious Melcher project), talked to Jed a while longer, fell asleep. The writing especially helped. I've been doing so much reading, and I love it, but I think I needed to actually feel like I was making something too.

This morning, finish the cosmology book (only a few chapters left). Then maybe do another draft of what I did last night; it was workmanlike, but I think I'd like to try a more sensual, detail-oriented version. I'm not sure the current version will hook people; it's very plot-based, and I'd like to give them more than that.

At some point, groceries and then cooking dinner for various and sundry, then a party at Mike's (newish Ph.D. student). Pleasant day, hopefully.

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