Y’know, earlier today I…

Y'know, earlier today I was in a really good mood. In fact, if you'd asked me how my life was, I'd probably have said, "pretty darn excellent, despite the Kev-stuff," or something along those lines. I mean, let's review my life, shall we?

  • love life: well, no longer making me acutely miserable on an almost-daily basis, which has got to be some kind of improvement, right?
  • finances: very slowly improving
  • health: only the teeniest of colds, and I actually think I might be getting a little stronger from the semi-regular exercise I've been doing. Which is cool.
  • family: relationships steadily improving
  • home: clean and comfortable and even kind of pretty
  • play: just watched two hours of Buffy, with pleasure, and generally feel like I have plenty of time to goof off, should I choose to
  • work: fabulous, in all sorts of ways too many and complicated to bother detailing here
So it's all on the up-swing, really, and a lot of it is better than it's ever been before. And yet now I'm in a cranky little mood; unsatisfied and grumpy and with no reason why. I ate, I walked, I worked, I goofed off... I just dunno. I think I'm going to try to get some writing done; maybe that'll help. Can't really think what else to do.

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