One fellowship…

One fellowship application handed in, one to go. The Steffenson Cannon was due today; if I get it, it's $12,000 for next year, no teaching, possibly renewable for another year. I do love teaching, but this semester is already making clear to me how much more I can get done when I have the extra time. Just the amount of extra reading time alone...well, we'll see. Fingers crossed.

The other application I have to do this weekend; it's for the Khazeni travel fellowship, which would be pretty cool too. Money to go to Sri Lanka, hopefully, and gather details of various and sundry kinds -- historical, political, religious, practical. That would be lovely. I really need to look into other possible sources of funding for such travel too. It's on the list.

One of the interesting things about reading the cosmology book is that it reminds me of a fundamental difference between the sciences and the humanities -- money. I mean, we all kvetch about how science departments have so much more money; on the other hand, a lot of them *need* the money, for all the expensive equipment that makes their work possible. Whereas while travel funding is lovely and all, what I really need is a computer, access to a library, and time. That's it. Big difference from desperately needing a multi-million dollar telescope, or a particle accelerator.

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