Duh! It’s Heather’s…

Duh! It's Heather's birthday! Happy birthday, Heather! It's also John's birthday (law school guy I was talking to last night, met at downstairs neighbors' party a week or so ago). So you're both...well, whatever astrological sign you would be. Umm...that's not very useful, is it? Aquarii? I'm not even sure that's the right plural.

My brain has turned to goo and drizzled away, clearly as a result of trying to finish revamping these things in time. But they're done, with a little time to spare, so perhaps it was worthwile. Did I really need the brain anyway? Probably not.

Although it might be useful for what I'll be working on tomorrow -- the actual proposal for the Melcher book I can't talk about yet. They approved my preliminary proposal, which means that they'll now pay me a little money to do a formal proposal that they can ship around to various publishers. I'd really like to tell y'all about it in more detail, but I just can't, so I hope you enjoy cryptic.

In other news...I wasn't sure if I could talk about this either, but the more I think about it, the more I can't come with a reason why not. So -- I've been invited to serve on the Tiptree jury. I can't tell you how excited and honored I was when I got that e-mail -- I was talking to Jed at the time and I about bounced out of my seat and squealed into the phone like a stuck pig...well, not really much like a stuck pig, and I'm pretty sure they don't bounce much, but anyway. Umm... never mind. The point being, that I'm delighted and honored and I really hope I don't have to turn it down. I might have to -- there's definitely a potential conflict of interest with short fiction, given Strange Horizons. They're going to look into it and see if a) they think it's a problem and b) if it is, whether there's a workaround. (Maybe having me just judge novels or some such? Or being sure I don't make any final decisions on short fiction, or short fiction from SH or something like that? We'll see what they decide -- I trust their judgement.) Anyway -- the Tiptree is about my favorite award in SF, so I'm really really pleased.

Though you should still go vote for the Hugos, of course. :-)

I'd best toddle off; a few more things to do before going to campus, like actually washing my face and such. Chapstick would be good. Did I mention that I hate the dryness here? With a fine passion, I assure you...

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