A stay-at-home and…

A stay-at-home and putter sort of day. My dishes had reached overload status -- I knocked over a wine glass last night while reaching for the light switch (the glass luckily didn't break), spilling red wine all over the kitchen floor (which looked disconcertingly like blood, very dramatic in the middle of the night). I'm in the midst of the second dishwasher load, and will soon start doing the hand-washing of pots and pans. My little dishwasher can only really handle light cleaning. It's rather nice starting to see kitchen counters again, though -- I had sort of forgotten that I had them.

(I'm really very neat these days, for the most part. But the kitchen is the first to go when I get stressed and busy. Better that than the fish.)

I was going to tell you what else I was doing today -- and realized I had absolutely no idea without checking my list. Jeez. That's kind of sad. But okay, here we go. Checking list. Ah, right. Write a couple U Chicago interview reports. Work on POD. Meet with t-shirt/mug guy at 2 to look over preliminary graphics. Work on mystery project for Melcher. Watch Buffy at 7. That all sounds relatively do-able, and I might even manage to squeeze in a load of laundry and some clearing off of my desk. A girl can hope, anyway.

The Lonely Hearts of the Cosmos book I ordered arrived yesterday, so that's kind of exciting. When I get tired of the other stuff, I'll start reading that. I'm hoping to revise "Bodies in Motion" this weekend, and send it out to Glimmer Train. We're in their reading period, and while, strictly speaking, I should normally submit to some other places first (The Atlantic, for example), I find that the reading periods at GT make me anxious to be sure to catch one with a submission every time one comes around. Funny, huh? Okay, maybe only funny to writers. Then again, maybe only funny to me. Not sure...

Okay, back to the dishes.

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