Oof. This day is not…

Oof. This day is not going as I'd planned. For one thing, I'm just starting work; I ended up talking to John until late last night, and then not sleeping so well, which meant I stayed in bed late. I might even still be asleep now, but Kevin called with sad news; he'd messed up his schedule, and in fact, had to be in Chicago next week for various and sundry job talks. Dangit. Luckily, Expedia was willing to just cancel his tickets for no charge, so it didn't actually cost him anything but time and frustration. We're both disappointed. Ah well. He'll probably just come out in early March, unless one of us comes up with a brilliant alternative. He could come this weekend, but airfares are unreasonably high for that... He could also come meet me in California, but I'll be staying in smallish apartments with friends, and there isn't really room for him too. If I could come up with a friend with a guest room... Probably it'll be March.

I also didn't get to meet with Katie yesterday; she also had job talks to attend. It's just that time of the academic year. I'll either go in tomorrow or Friday and talk over my list with her; no worries.

What I do need to do now is finish working on my fellowship materials. Revised my c.v. (putting in all the impressive stuff, and then bowdlerizing it to make it fellowship-safe; I'm not *sure* that all the smut stuff would hurt it, but I figure better not to take the chance, given that it still looks reasonably impressive even if I take out everything with the words 'erotica' and/or 'sex') yesterday, picked up an official transcript, filled out the formal application. Now I have to do the hard part - revising my research project description and my statement of purpose from last year. My aims haven't changed significantly since then, but various specifics have changed; I'm not sure if it'll be a quick job or a slow one. I guess I'll find out.

I have about three hours from....mark. One way or another, it has to be done by then. At 3, meeting with Professor Shannon to discuss a paper, 3:30, stop in library and look up bio-bibliographies info, 4:00, go to department and try to drop off fellowship material (if recommendations are in), 4:30, read stories for workshop and write critiques, 5:30, eat dinner, 6:00 - 9:30, workshop.

Oof. I really can't afford to lose these morning hours very often!

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