Hey, munchkins. M’ris…

Hey, munchkins. M'ris has just chastised me for not posting with the news that I am all better (thus relieving the anxiety of all the worriers amongst you (see, "amongst" -- that's another good word. Not that I really know that it means anything more than "among"...but if not, that's okay -- it's why I like "thusly", despite Shmuel's objections to the silliness of it...)). I am somewhat better; I fell asleep around 10:30 last night, I think, and slept until 8. Sleep is a great restoration. I forget that sometimes. I'm still coughing and sore-throated, but my muscles are only slightly wobbly today. I probably would even go out and do errands, except that I'm managing a complicated e-mail discussion, and I'm a bit worried to leave it quite yet.

We (the SH authors and staff) are talking over the proposed POD offer from Wildside. They're not offering much -- minimal royalties and no contributor's copies. But it's not a money-making venture that we're discussing either -- it's really just a fun publicity thing that doesn't cost us any money (though it does take a fair bit of my time). It'd be nice to have a big hardcover to put out on tables at conventions -- especially if Wildside has it sitting at their table in the dealer's room too... Anyway, I think it'll happen; it's just a matter of negotiating details and seeing which authors wish to participate. Lots of discussion, though -- I think all of us are learning a lot about Print-On-Demand in the process...

In between answering e-mails, I'm reading Carol Emshwiller's Ledoyt. It's really really good; told in part from the point of view of a young girl who's in love with the man her mother is marrying, Mr. Ledoyt. It's a Western, which is not a genre I normally read, but it's far more an Emshwiller-novel than anything else, and that is a great and glorious thing. I'm only about 60 pages in so far, but right now, I'd consider this highly recommended.

I may check back in later...but I may not. Right now, it doesn't look like my day has so much exciting planned. If I get tired of reading, I'll start doing SH checks and contracts; that's nice mindless work, and though I need stamps before I can send anything out, I can do all the other parts of it while I'm waiting to feel healthy enough to go get stamps. Probably tomorrow.

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