Good morning, everyone. …

Good morning, everyone. Hope you had a fun Friday -- mine was a bit odd. I got rather depressed and mopey around 4-ish; I had finished the Emswhiller book, and while it was very good, it wasn't entirely happy. (It rather reminded me of I Capture the Castle, oddly enough.) Too much lost love, which I hadn't anticipated. I thought maybe my lack of activity was contributing to my mood, so I threw on some clothes and went shopping. My first stop was to get stamps (so I can do checks and contracts today), so that was virtuous. My second was at the Body Shop -- I tend to bite my lips, a very bad habit that makes for slightly ragged lips. I bought some hemp lip gunk that was supposed to be pretty healing, and some lip scuff, which is meant to exfoliate. We'll see how that works. Also some vitamin E stuff for the dark circles under my eyes (though sleep is helping with those too), some satsuma body scrub, and a little aromatherapy set, with evergreen and cranberry. It's a candle that sits under a copper well that you pour a few drops of oil into -- you light the candle for 10-20 minutes, and then blow it out, and the scent just lingers and lingers...very nice. I fell asleep to it last night, hours after I'd lit it, and I just got it going again -- I'm curious how long my house will smell like cranberry. Yummy smell.

That was all thoroughly indulgent -- but the indulgence didn't stop there. I went on to Borders, where I had a not-healthy-but-tasty dinner (topped with chocolate moussecake) while reading the latest Tamora Pierce book (in hardcover). I then bought seven other books and came home (pausing briefly at the big sale but finding nothing of interest).

Read another book last night, Diana Wynne Jones's Howl's Moving Castle, which was very silly and fun, and am now reading another of hers. I did get mopey again last night when I finished the book, but I called up David and made him tell me bits of Russian history until I got sleepy. He's very good for that...

In any case -- I think once I finish the book I'm reading, I may try to switch to being productive again. I'm feeling a fair bit better today (mustn't overdo, mustn't overdo) and have grand plans for contracts, revising a story, interviewing a student for the U of C (I do enjoy that), and maybe starting to put the POD book together. We're still working out the details, but I'm hopeful that it'll actually happen...and if it does, then I need to make up a manuscript. Going to be a fair bit of work doing the conversions -- I probably ought to see if Jed can make it easier for me somehow.

Have a good weekend, munchkins. If you're having beautiful fall weather like we are, try to get out and enjoy it. (Karina, I wish you were here -- it would be great fun photographing you against all these gorgeous leaves...)

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