About one month left…

About one month left before I go back to Salt Lake. The summer seemed to stretch out endlessly, not so long ago. Now, it's slipping away much too quickly.

I've gotten sick -- just a cold, but it's left me with an annoying sore throat, an occasional cough, and the desire to lie down and close my eyes frequently. It means I wasn't up to very strenuous hiking on Saturday, but we nonetheless had a good time meandering through northern Washington, seeing some lovely sights.

Lots of tall straight trees, low ferns, bright sun. I am unused enough to foxglove that I kept being startled by how lovely they were. Foxglove, digitalis, heart medicine, poison.

Mossy stumps, the line between sun and shade so sharply divided. Bright blue bugs.

It was after the signs ended that I found the trees I fell in love with...

Forest primeval.

We came home through the islands, pausing at Deception Pass, buffeted by wind.

A good day.

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