Groggy. I would wait to…

Groggy. I would wait to write this entry, but Kirstie and I are going hiking today, at least in theory, so I'm not sure I'll have time later. But I do keep yawning. Maybe she'll let me sleep in the car.

Yesterday was a pretty full day. She had arrived Thursday night, and we stayed up late-ish talking. I got up Friday and worked fairly steadily until Bob arrived around 2:30 (with some interim reading -- I managed to reread The Spell Sword and The Forbidden Tower, and am now confirmed that they're probably the books I want to use to introduce Jed to Marion Zimmer Bradley. I waffled, because The Shattered Chain is the one that introduced me to the Free Amazon concept, which is one of the things she's pretty famous for -- but I'd rather show him the poly books I fell in love with as a kid instead). Bob was one of my Clarion classmates back in '97, and now publishes Electric Story. I'm pretty sure I've told you that already, but in case I haven't, I tell it to you again.

We went up to Campion Hall, at Seattle University, on Capitol Hill. Vague waves of nostalgia for Clarion. After some confusion, we managed to get ourselves sitting down in the right place, talking to the current class about electronic publishing. Was fun. We hung out for a while after our presentation, then I dragged Bob back to Kirstie's, where I made a quick egg curry and a green bean curry to with the leftover curries we had. Kirstie tells me that I should mention in here every time I make curry, and link to the recipe. I think that's too much work. She thinks I'm just lazy. Old friends know you too well, that's what I say.

After dinner and dessert (french vanilla ice cream, sliced mangoes and strawberries, chocolate syrup), we went to a Clarion party. There's a party every Friday night during Clarion. Ran into various friends and acquaintances in the business: Nisi, Jonzo and Victoria, Ellen Datlow, Connie Willis, and of course lots of the current class. Interestingly, one of them sold a poem to Strange Horizons, "A Gardener Betrayed by Roses", by Ben Rosenblum. Was interesting meeting him! He apparently has a story up for review with my fiction department now. Very energetic. :-) And another student has a story I'm reviewing for Bodies of Water. Meeting them was a little surreal, but fun.

Anyway. Gonna have some tea and then try to face the day. Still sleepy. If you're waiting on an e-mail response from me, it'll probably be tomorrow before I get to it. Have a nice weekend, munchkins.

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