Hey, munchkins. …

Hey, munchkins. Hmm...it's been a couple of days. I spent all day Friday working, so not so exciting. Some cooking too -- made curry buns. Friday night, Jed took me to see our friend Ethan at the Lyric Theater in San Jose, doing Yeomen of the Guard. Fun, and I could understand at least half of the words. :-) Ethan made a great town drunk.

Saturday, Susan Groppi came down from Berkeley and picked us up and we went down to Santa Cruz. There we met up with Tim and Heather and Kam and had a lovely picnic on the beach. Everyone was looking bright and sunny and happy. We didn't succeed in getting our kite off the ground for very long -- maybe next time. But we ate a lot, and rested and chatted, and I did actually swim a little, once Jed dragged me into the icy water. I love waves. Waves good.

Afterwards, Jed, Susan, Kam and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which I adore beyond all reason. I was delighted to find that my camera could actually take decent photos through the glass of the tanks, and so I've arranged a little tour for you. Enjoy!

In the evening, we stopped briefly for ice cream (one chocolate, shared among the four of us) and then met up with Heather and Tim again for dinner (they had gone to see AI in the interim). We went to Rosa's in Santa Cruz, which was rather frustratingly loud. But it had a cool glass roof over entryway with water cascading down it. Liked that. :-) Afterwards, we coaxed Tim into taking us to Pergolesi's, famed in song and story, or at least in journal. It's fabulous -- I wanted to pick it up and take it to Salt Lake to show people what a coffee house was meant to be like.

Eventually, we headed back, and I fell asleep in the backseat of the car, which somehow felt like the perfect end to a lovely beach day.

3:00 -- Jed is trying to help me figure out a simpler way to do some of this journalling -- apologies if you see any oddities around here.

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