Hey, guys. Well, it’s…

Hey, guys. Well, it's almost eleven and I'm just getting started working -- not quite what I had planned for today, but Sean Stewart's Galveston sucked me up and wouldn't let me go. Ah well. Finished now, and very satisfied. In some ways I like the previous book better -- I think it just spoke to my own concerns more than this one does. But this may be a better book overall. Really, Sean just keeps improving -- and he's young! Hopefully he'll be writing for several more decades.

I met Andrea yesterday, the Melcher person who lives in San Francisco. She was delightful (as was her son -- the same age as yours, Karen, but with bright red hair), and we had a productive meeting. Almost done going over the first batch of potential stories for BW. We have one more phone conference Friday at 8 a.m., and then I'll start sending out the second batch of rejections -- and some revision requests! I may get started on that today, actually. There are definitely some promising stories in the batch, but I'm a little worried that there aren't as many usable ones as I'd like. Some of the best ones have speculative elements, for example, and the Melcher people are very firm that they only want to take one or two of those, so as not to tip the balance of what is meant to be a mainstream book. If you are a writer friend of mine and can give me a good mainstream-ish watery erotica story with interesting characterization and an actual story -- well, talk to me, please. I'm still looking for another week or two at least. Oh, and Karen -- Andrea not only spoke well of the work you did for her on that other book, but wanted to know why you didn't submit a story this time? We came awfully close to using the one you sent last time -- she likes your writing a lot and would love it if you can somehow squeeze time from baby and novel to write us a fabulous short story. :-)

Hmm...maybe I shouldn't just assume that I can talk to Karen and M'ris and Susan G. and Heather and David and Jed in this directly, rather than sending them e-mail...but it's so convenient. And I'm pretty sure they all read it at least weekly or so. But maybe I should call Karen anyway, just in case.

Yummy lunch at Plearn Thai on University -- Kevin took me there once, and was disappointed that it wasn't as good as he remembered (from his college days at Berkeley), but yesterday's red curry chicken was as good as I've had anywhere, so maybe not everything goes to rack and ruin in the end -- or if it does, it may be quite good for a while before that.

I spent the afternoon goofing off at Au Coquelet in Berkeley with M'ris and the gang. Lovely meeting her lovely friend Michelle. Nice getting to know M'ris a little better, and Timprov talked more too. I know why he's called Timprov now, which somehow makes it easier to think of him that way, rather than as just Tim. Nice afternoon. Probably should have worked, but what the hell. Dinner with Jed at Janta in Palo Alto (I think?) -- not bad Indian, but not great either. Next time we'll go to Sue's (I think that's the name? Too many restaurants in the Bay Area to keep track of them properly...)

And now work. Work work work work. Work like a fiend so I can justify goofing off this weekend with a light heart.

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