Morning! I’m a bit…

Morning! I'm a bit nervous about this new journalling stuff that Jed had me do, but hopefully it'll all go smoothly. I'm using server-side includes, which will with luck mean that I only need to write my entry in one place, instead of three. Writing in three is not so hard, but editing in three is a pain. Trust me. So, temporary complexity and confusion, in the hope of future simplicty. Fingers crossed.

One last picture from the beach yesterday -- that's Kam, just out of the ocean. Something about this picture just makes me grin. It may be the I-can't-believe-you're-actually-taking-a-picture-when-my-hair-looks-like-this quality of it. :-)

Saw A.I. yesterday. Oh. my. god. I will avoid spoilers, but say only that it's worth seeing, just so you can watch a potentially good movie go terribly, terribly wrong. The last half hour was actually painful to watch.

I'm doing rejections and revision requests for BW today, and I should really get to it. I'd like to have this second round completed by the end of the week...we'll see how feasible that is.

I'm thinking in brief bursts, apparently, which is okay for rejections and revision requests, but not so great for journalling. Talk to you later, my dears. :-)

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