Morning. *yawn* Oh, I…

Morning. *yawn* Oh, I slept so strangely last night. I feel like I dozed all night, never really falling into deep sleep. I've been feeling over-caffeinated for a bit now; I only had two cups of tea yesterday, but I think I may actually need to not drink any tea for a day and let my system wake up. It's not going to happen today though. Maybe tomorrow.

Today is one of those run-until-you-drop days -- but, frustratingly, some of what I have to do is just stupid. I'm talking about that idiotic fifth-grade driving workbook. For complicated reasons, I really ought to take my driver's test before the end of April, and my written test this week, which means I need the certificate of completion from my driver's ed class ASAP, which means I need to spend much of tomorrow dealing with that, which means I have today and tomorrow morning to finish this stupid required workbook. As if I didn't have better things to do with my time! I may even cut a class today so I can have a better chance of finishing it and still getting some sleep tonight. I hate having to make that kind of choice.

On the other hand, it'll be nice to have a license. Then I can stop having arguments with dumb people who don't think my government-issued green card is a valid piece of ID. It has my fingerprint on it, for chrissakes, and they stare at me with blank faces and say 'must have driver's license'! Ah, bureaucracy.

Gonna go grade student web pages; I'm scared to look at them, but it must be done. Then a long day on campus, gobs of errands, try not to fall down, come home and work on the workbook. I know I just had four days at home, but I worked all of them! If I had just one more day, I could get caught up, I know I could. (Heh. Jed tells me that he and I just need to accept that there will never be enough time to do everything we want to do. Hah, I say! Hah! Hah! Hah! *maniacal chuckle* Just you wait, my pretty...)

Okay, time for tea and a shower. Maybe I'll be less insane after that.

(Is it megalomania if the people really would be happier under your absolute domination and control? Or is it just good sense? :-)


8:30. Okay, there's no way I'll get all these graded in time. So I'm going to have to give them back next week, so I'm going to switch over to doing the dumb workbook. Poor munchkins -- but they'll live. Popped back in here mostly to show you a picture, taken by Elan Ruskin at ICFA:

This is Sean Stewart, looking at a picture of him I took on the digital camera. My picture was okay, but Elan's is better. :-) Elan was one of the finalists for the Asimov Award (excellence in undergraduate writing, I believe). He spent most of the convention hiding behind his camera; maybe next time he'll actually talk to me. I'm not so scary. Sean is a fine writer, and a really tremendously nice guy. He's incredibly considerate, which plays out in all sorts of small ways. Maybe the mix of Texan and Canadian upbringing? :-)

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