Another grey morning…

Another grey morning here in Salt Lake. It snowed yesterday morning, and I wore my winter coat to campus. I was still cold, despite the coat and a sweater; I finally get back on my thyroid medicine today, which should help soon, if not immediately. I'm trying not to take anything as seriously as it feels I should; being low on thyroid hormone can cause deprssion and mood swings, and I'm hoping that my excessive weepiness lately is primarily caused by the low hormone levels. Fingers crossed. But oh, some sunshine would be nice. I bet my tulips think so too.

At least, I think they're tulips. I honestly don't much remember what I planted last year - several bulbs, of which I think only two types of tulips came up. I vaguely remember some tall dark red ones, and some with lovely variegated leaves -- but maybe those are the same ones? I guess I'll find out soon, if the cold doesn't damage them. I did go out and clear all the muck and such out of the planters last week, positioning them to catch as much sunlight as possible -- my front walk isn't all that sunny. But they did okay last year, so hopefully they will this year too. Honestly, I hadn't expected to have them come back up, and I hadn't had time/energy to plant this year, so I'm actually really pleased to see anything at all.

If I have time on Saturday, I think I'll pick up some bedding plants for the tiny strip of soil I have next to the walk. Last year I put in pansies and sprinkled alyssum seed; the alyssum rather took over. It was fine, but I think I'm going to go for more lobelia this time around -- I have a strange passion for lobelia. I bought a bunch of seeds a month or so ago, but honestly, I'm not sure what to do with them. Just sprinkle them all over the soil and hope? Nurture them carefully in pots? Give it up because I've waited too long? I've never grown anything from seed other than the alyssum (and Arthur told what to do with those), so I'm feeling a bit lost.

Speaking of lobelia (which Arthur introduced me to, lo, these many years ago), Arthur and Pam have just got engaged! That's really delightful; he looked so happy when I saw him a few weeks ago. She appears to be good for him, and hopefully, he's good for her too. I miss hanging out with them. Part of me wants to just run off to the Bay Area again as soon as the semester ends, because there are so many people there I want to spend time with. But I think I'll go to Chicago -- I want to see how Roshani's Zoe is doing (she'll be six months old!) and spend some time with Roshani before she goes back to med school. Poor chica; she's having a rough time at the prospect of leaving the baby to go back to school. I suppose no one really gets to have it all, eh? There are always choices to be made -- sometimes it feels like you're lucky if you have the best of good choices to make, rather than the best of bad ones. Maybe you are lucky. I'm not sure.

The trees here have a mist of green on them -- all these tiny little buds just waiting for one more week of warm weather so they can burst out into joyous leaf. The sky today looks odd -- cloudy white, with these almost bare branches sticking up, with that hazy green. Strange.

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