Morning, munchkins. …

Morning, munchkins. Hope y'all are having a decent start to your weeks -- it's pouring rain here, and thunderstorming, with lightning and everything. Very exciting. Not a bad atmosphere for working, and I've gotten through various small tasks so far. I'm interspersing them with chapters from Nabokov's Ada -- I'll be doing a short paper on the children's sexuality for Kathryn this week. It's preparation (along with that Lolita paper) for my final paper in her class, a look at the sexual female child in Nabokov, and the different ways in which he handles these girls (Annabel and Lolita, Ada and Lucette). I think it'll actually be kind of fun, though I'm dreading a bit the secondary source research. Not because it'll be particularly hard, but because I suspect some people's opinions of the ethics of all this will be irritating, or even infuriating, to me. We'll see.

Kevin will be here Sunday! :-)

Sorry, that keeps popping into my head at odd moments. My house is almost clean, and my mind feels clearer as a result. What an odd correspondence. But it means that I can now feel free to look forward to his visit, without feeling like I'm drowning in a messy sea of dirt and overdue paperwork. That's nice.

The editorial for this month really took a lot more work than I expected -- and it's still pretty darn short. I could probably take each paragraph and expand it into a page or two, making a very detailed 25-page paper out of the whole thing. But I don't know that there's much interest in it, and even if there is, it feels a bit futile to pour that much energy into trying to assess the situation, given how fast everything changes on-line. Not right now -- not until someone offers to pay me to do it, I think. :-) But go read it -- tell me what you think.

Back to Ada now; may stop in later.

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