Well, I’ve had a slight…

Well, I've had a slight change of schedule. Carol's sick, poor baby, so she's not driving me down to the con in Provo today. I'm going to take public transit instead, which will probably take something like two hours instead of one. Is okay -- I have books. :-) I have, in fact, gobs of reading to do for class, as well as a book I'm actually enjoying, Molly Gloss's The Dazzle of Day. I'm leaving in a little under an hour; I could have left earlier, but I wanted to do up a new flyer to distribute (done) and write that damned review for SH. I don't know why I'm avoiding it so assiduously. I wish I understood how my brain gets into these ruts. I know darn well that once I actually start doing it, I'll be done in half an hour. I'm a big goober.

Okay -- stop by Cucina, buy some bread, come back, have some breakfast, pack a lunch, write review, head out. At 1:00 I'm on a panel on editing; I should be there on time, barring accidents. Not sure how long I'll stay; I thought about staying overnight, but I think I'd rather come back and go in again tomorrow, even though that does sound a little silly. It's nice to be home, though. Tomorrow's a panel at 3:00 on web publishing.

I've been having bad dreams often for weeks now. So I wake up grumpy and sad. But I really appreciate all the work I have then; I start doing it, and I start enjoying doing it, and it puts the world back into perspective again. Even this damned review helps a little. Work good.

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