Okay, okay. I’ve gotten…

Okay, okay. I've gotten enough requests for this that I've put in a 'previous' link on the 'current entry'. I may stop doing it if I decide if it's too much nuisance, but for now, enjoy.

MA in a red
dress It's really tempting to flood you all with pictures. I think Karen put up the best ones from the visit, but I do really like this one that she took of me. Mostly 'cause I'm very fond of that dress. I really kind of enjoy dressing in red; I wore a lot of red this weekend. But at the same time, with any kind of bright red, I feel like The Scarlet Woman -- like everyone's looking at me, but not in a good way. I had a red silk shirt and a red silk dress that both had that effect, and I got so self-conscious about them that I eventually just gave them away, because they looked so forlorn hanging unworn in my closet. So now I wear lots of wine, and when I find dark reds, especially reds mixed with blacks, like in this dress (and in my Catholic schoolgirl plaid skirt), I get really excited. :-)

I'm also fond of this one, which I took when I first arrived at her place. The door was open, so I came quietly in, so as not to wake the baby, and found both of them fast asleep on the couch. Being an evil person, I of course decided to disturb them by taking pictures. I think what I like best about it is how protective Karen looks, curled around Jeremiah.

Karen sleeping She's going to be (already is) a great mommy. :-)

I'm going to go make tea and figure out what to teach the munchkins today. If I have time, I'll check back in later.

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