I ought to revise the…

I ought to revise the book review (I did finally get a skimpy draft done yetserday), pay bills, send out contracts and checks, catch up on reading for class, do the con report, and write the new story that's due to class on Thursday. What I actually want to do is make pretty art collages with poetry and pressed flowers and wax and sheets of glass. That's what I *would* be doing too, except I don't have the supplies and the store's not open yet.

It's not a work day. It snowed again last night, and yes the snow still looks quite pretty on the trees but I want it to be done done done. Fine, March came in like a lion, now I'm ready for it to go out like a lamb. Starting now. I'm feeling a bit snow-bound -- not in my house, but in this entire city...or maybe state. Utah bewilders me. There were babies (plural) in almost every single panel I went to yesterday. There were babies in every hallway of the student union building at Brigham Young. I suppose this was to be expected, but it still weirded me out. Never mind that all the mothers looked younger than my youngest sister (and undoubtedly were). I wanted to hug their tired bodies and tell them that it was okay -- they could put the babies in stasis for five years and learn how to be grown-ups for a bit first, before they had to go back to being responsible parents. (Heh. I wonder what it would do to the world if we did have cheap and easy stasis technology. Someone should write that story). I think I'm suffering culture shock.

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