Hey, munchkins. Having…

Hey, munchkins. Having a good Friday? Mine's pretty good so far -- met with a student, churned through a bunch of mail, ate a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch that is supposedly their top seller, which makes me think that I really ought to call them up and offer to give them a better recipe, 'cause that one was pretty sad. I'll cook tonight, but I'm in enough of a work mood that I didn't want to pause long enough to chop onions and make a curry.

Here's what's left for today:

  • clear out mailbox
  • SH bookmarks, mugs, t-shirt - get design specs to Lucy; find printer, print, distribute!!
  • send Q's to Patrick Hayden
  • send out SH updated guidelines
  • Asian SF book proposal
  • write recommendation for Shmuel and mail to Humanities Division, Dean of Students Office
  • clear desk
  • read fiction stories
  • write fiction piece
  • read semiotics stories
  • read Heir to Govandhara
Hah! I'm so optimistic in the mornings. You've surely noticed that many of those have rolled over from the last time I made such a list. :-) S'okay. I'm actually making good progress on item #2 on there, which is one that's been hanging around for a long time, so that's good. I think today is mostly going to be a SH day -- trying to get the promotional items going, getting that Hayden interview underway, sending out the updated guidelines with the new pay rates, reading Heir to review, and in the process of clearing out my desk, sending out some checks and contracts. If I manage to get all that done today, I will be very satisfied with myself. Exceedingly so. Fingers crossed...

Image Notebook

Sitting across from me on the bus, a big man, bulky with crew cut and camouflage jacket; the kind of man who I tend to assume is someone I would not want to be stuck in an elevator with. And then he reaches into his duffel bag, pulls out a library copy of Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone, opens it eagerly to somewhere around page twenty or so, and I am feeling very embarrassed, but also delighted.

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