It’s snowing, really…

It's snowing, really hard. I should have anticipated this; last night it felt like a storm rising. But somehow my brain translated rising wind into 'rainstorm' instead of 'snowstorm'. I'm a goober. My students will be happy, though -- they get great skiing. And Karina will be delighted; part of why she comes out here is love of snow, rather than love of us. :-) I had been worrying a little, because most of the snow on the ground had melted by yesterday; I needn't have worried. If only she were here right now so she could go dance in it. And even better, so I could talk her into going in and teaching/taking my classes so I could stay inside with a nice cup of hot chocolate. That's what people are *meant* to do in a snowstorm.

I need to go wash my hair now if I want it to be close to dry before I start walking in to campus, so I'll try to check in later with y'all. I also have about forty pages of that history left to read before I go in; I have an hour to do it, so I should be fine, but not if I spend too long futzing about here. Until later, munchkins.

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