Kirsten's birthday!

I'm not quite so out of touch that I don't realize that it's also inauguration day, but frankly, I was a lot happier focusing on Kirstie's birthday instead. :-) Lovely visit so far; we spent much of yesterday shopping (found a cute blue velvet dress, and possibly a rocking chair), and today doing various and sundry. Umm...I brought her fruit salad, danishes and tea in bed; we lounged around for hours listening to music (very reminiscent of college roommate days); eventually bought groceries and I made Sri Lankan food for her -- nothing fancy, just shrimp curry and green beans and rice. It's what she wanted, and since it's her birthday, that's what she gets. :-) Then I dragged her to Lynn and Jason's baby shower, where she endured meeting lots of people she didn't know. After about half an hour of that, we ditched them all and went to see Chocolat, which was utterly charming and recommended. I have one minor quibble at the end, but it's not important. And may reflect more on myself than on the movie anyway. Then we went for some more food (it's been a fairly food-oriented birthday) at an Italian place next to the theater; we split pasta with meatballs, and then had dessert. Talked for a couple of hours, ran into sf author M. Shayne Bell at the restaurant (!) and gave him a SH card, of course, and now we're home again. Jiggity jig.

More soon, probably including a bunch of photos because I've been going a bit nuts with the camera lately, as has Kirstie. I got a reader comment recently asking for more photos of me in the journal. Your wish is my command:

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