Kirstie comes today! …

Kirstie comes today! Not 'til late tonight, though, so I do have to think about the work I need to do first. Mostly classes and then coming home and cleaning -- she's not going to care if my place is a mess, but I will. A bit silly, since she was my roommate for years and knows just how messy I get...oh well. I have some vague idea that I might try to do some sf writing this evening, but I suspect that's just goofy. I really do want to revise "Savariian" and send it out, but maybe we'll have time for that tomorrow; she's bringing some work with her, because she has a big presentation due this week, so I suspect I'll drag her to Borders tomorrow.

Hmmm...I thought I had more to say. Ah well, maybe later. Hope y'all are having a good week.

Image Notebook

I washed two jam jars and painted them with stained glass paints -- one a translucent red, the other an opaque cobalt blue. Filled halfway with blue glass pebbles, a little water, a paperwhite bulb nestled above. Over the last week they grew in the sunlight, small green sprout shooting higher and higher until they were taller than my arm is long. Lovely small white flowers at the top -- but they smelled wrong. I remember the scent from last year as spring rain; these smell more complex, less pure. And I do not know if it is the bulbs, or my memory, or me, that has changed.

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