Hey, guys. So you…

Hey, guys. So you noticed that Tuesday's plane entry did get up, but it was a little convoluted. I don't have the latest OS that would let me beam it directly from my Visor to my laptop -- so I beamed it to Kevin's Visor, and he Hotsync'd it to his computer, and I did the update from there. Slightly cumbersome, but better than retyping! I'll upgrade the OS when I get home; that should take care of the problem. It's nice when you can make technology work for you.

Speaking of which...I'm going to change these pages. Don't panic -- I jut think that a) the journal is still not particularly intuitive in design and b) I like Karen's, Columbine's, everyone else's layout better. You know -- the version where you have a page with the titles of the last several journal entries? That way when I do two updates in quick succession, it'll be obvious to you guys, and I won't have to bother saying so in the journal. Sound okay? If you have complaints, speak now or forever hold your peace. I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to get to it, but ideally by December 22nd. Why then, you ask? Because that's the five-year anniversary of this journal. Five years! Is that amazing, or what?

I'd like to do a special entry that day, whether or not we have the new format in place. What I'd love is for you guys to send me your favorite journal entry. I'll make a big list, and on that day, I'll list them all. If you like, you can add other info, and I'll be glad to put it up. But please, do take a little time to go through the archives, and tell me what your favorite entry is. It'll be interesting for y'all, I think, and it'll be interesting for me. Here's what I'd like you to mail me -- everthing after the first item is optional:

  • favorite entry date
  • why you like it, or any other comments on it
  • your name - initials, first name only, full name -- up to you, but be clear what you're willing to have posted
  • your e-mail if you want it linked
  • your website if you want it linked
  • anything else you'd like posted along with it
See, I'd like to kill two birds at once with this little project. You guys get to see what other people like about this journal -- and you (and I) get to learn a little more about who reads it. I think this'll be fun. :-) And note well -- if no one sends me any entries, I will be sad, morose, disconsolate, and assume that you just don't like me anymore.


By the way, aside from being moderately sick (both of us), it's been a lovely visit so far. We've watched tv, watched movies, watched commercials, eaten asparagus crepes, eaten Medici pasta and burgers, futzed with the computers, read a little (brain hurts, though, so not much), and snuggled lots. Hooray for vacations!

I do need to get a few things done today -- I have a story due to Custom Erotica Source tomorrow, and I may be meeting with someone to record another CD (the R-rated version) this evening. We'll see. If there's time, I may a) take my computer in to see if they can fix the alignment problem that's been tormenting me, and b) visit Roshani. I'm feeling okay right now, but I'm definitely still sick, and waves of exhaustion just rise up out of nowhere at times and slam into me. I was almost weeping after something like two minutes of trying to get my Visor to beam to my laptop last night; Kevin made me give them to him and just sit and watch Voyager while he tried to figure it out. Good thing. Good Voyager too.

I keep thinking there's something I'm forgetting. Oh, right. Strange Horizons - art editor. We need another one -- Wolf is very swamped with his own work right now. Interested? All you need is a) you have to like at least some sf/f art, and b) you need two hours or so a week. Maybe less. There's a full position description up on site (in the About Us / Join Us section) -- please, if you're even a little interested, think about it. We could definitely use the help. You may have noticed that there's no new gallery this month; that was bad. We want to keep that from ever happening again.

11:59 - quick question? For those of you who see this between now and tomorrow noonish, I could use your advice. Which of these pieces would you like to hear (or not to hear) on the R-rated CD? I may record and burn that tomorrow; it's a bit unclear at the moment. Sorry for the short notice...

  • A Jewel of a Woman
  • Fleeing Gods
  • Girl Behind the Fantasy
  • Just Reading News
  • Kali
  • Attraction
  • Blind
  • Chantal
  • Composition in Cream and Chocolate
  • Japanese Garden
  • Letter Found Near a Suicide
  • Morningsong
  • Paint
  • The Adventures of Gorgeous Gracie
  • Mint in Your Throat
  • Season of Marriage
  • A More Congenial Spot
  • God's Body
  • Confessions of a 26 Year Old Female Porn Writer
  • Slow Learner
  • With Ocean Waiting Below
  • You'll Understand When You're Older Dear
  • Hymn
  • Arching of Her Back

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