Hey guys. I’m feeling…

Hey guys. I'm feeling much better today; sorry about the crankiness yesterday. You'd think by now I would know that three hours of sleep makes me irritable and weepy -- I know it in abstract, but it's harder than you'd think to use that knowledge effectively. I did okay yesterday; got myself off the computer (where I would have wasted lots of time doing nothing useful, and been really irritated by that by the end of it) and reading Lackey's Arrows trlogy again; very comforting. I knew I was overtired when I found myself sobbing like a baby at only mildly upsetting bits. I had to actually put the book down for a bit when Talia's feet were crushed -- I just wasn't up to even reading about torture right then. But mostly, the books were good, and about my speed.

When I finished them, I climbed into bed (around 8?) and talked to Jed for a while. I sorta picked a fight; he said something that I think at any other time might have been mildly annoying, but in the state I was in, was upsetting. I really shouldn't be allowed to talk to people when I'm over-tired. Lydia used to say that I was just like her eight-year-old, Kaylie, when I got tired. A little sad that I'm not better at coping than an eight-year-old, especially since Kaylie is now eleven or so and not nearly as easily made cranky as she was. Just put me to bed with some hot cocoa and a lullaby -- that's the recipe. Jed actually did end up singing me to sleep, but it would have been a bit difficult for him to make me hot cocoa. Oh well...

I slept long and hard, and this morning I did a few last puttering tasks, and also read a little more. Left for the airport at one -- then my flight was delayed an hour and a half. I didn't really mind, though. Had some lunch -- even a small order was more food than I wanted (or could eat). Sometimes I really wish they'd let me order the kid-size food. I'd pay the adult price; I just hate ordering food and then letting it go to waste. It feels wrong. But the way the scale keeps creeping up seems to indicate that eating more than I actually want is probably wrong too. :-) Usually I just take home leftovers, but that was a bit impractical in the airport (with full luggage). I also started reading a novel for next semester, so I got to have some pleasure and feel virtuous at the same time.

In the spring I'll be doing a fiction workshop with Melanie Rae Thon -- I don't know her work, so I may try to dig some up over the break. I'll also be studying narrative theory, and doing an independent study of Sri Lankan history. It turns out that the first book I was going to use, the De Silva History of Sri Lanka, is out of print. Bookfinders found me a used copy at ALibris, though, and it'll be delivered to my home while I'm out of town. I had hoped to get a head start on that, but it'll just have to wait 'til I get back.

The novel I started is Charlotte Bronte's Villette, which is actually for a class I'm auditing. Kathryn Stockton (who taught that theory class I audited last fall, the one that convinced me I wanted to go back for the Ph.D.) is teaching a seminar on "Canonical Perversions". Now I ask you -- could I really skip that? I think not. Luckily, it meets at a time when I would normally be on campus, right after my narrative theory class, so it should be fairly easy for me to just hang around. And on Tuesdays, I have my workshop not long after that -- I'll just have time to pull out my tupperware (see, I'm being optimistic about eating healthy next semester, instead of planning to grab Pizza Hut pizza at the Union) and eat a quick dinner between the two. Very fortuitous!

I'm not very far into Villette, though. Delta was showing Bring it On, a charming, campy cheerleading movie on this flight. I wouldn't have paid for it, but it turned out to be complimentary. I can't figure out which airlines have what policy about in-flight movies; it seems to keep changing. But anyway, it was a free movie, it was fun, it took almost the entire flight, and we're now making our descent into Chicago. The roads are bad, so I told Kevin to stay at home -- I'll make better time taking the train from the airport to downtown. I think I'll probably just take a cab from there, unless he really wants to come meet me; he's sick, and I don't think there's any good reason to drag him out into the cold. I'd see him fifteen minutes earlier, it's true -- I think I can cope, though. Especially 'cause I got enough sleep last night.

Jed tells me that theoretically, I should be able to use the infrared ports on my Visor and my G3 to Hotsync them. I'm a bit dubious, but I'll give it a go. If that doesn't work...hmm...I may just retype this entry. Slight nuisance, but I can handle it. If the IR port thing doesn't work, though, I may have to rethink writing journal entries on my Visor while travelling. Seems to make more sense to just write them directly on the laptop, even if it *is* really cramped for that if the person in front of me tilts his seat back.

Oops -- final descent. Gotta go, munchkins. Talk to you soon!

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