You guys are amazing. I…

You guys are amazing. I asked yesterday about gallery editors for SH -- I got two capable volunteers instantly, and hired 'em. :-) And they're both journallers themselves -- Jenna and Heather C! That means that of my staff, I have five journallers now -- Jenna, Heather C, Heather, Jen, Susan -- oh, plus me. Six. :-) I keep trying to talk Jed into keeping a journal, but no dice so far.

Hmm...that was so helpful, maybe you can help with this too. We could *really* use a couple reviews for December. I know everyone's busy, but that's why we're stuck. Especially 'cause we don't pay for reviews. But if you can spare a little time to write a book, movie or game review, we would really appreciate it. Drop me a line, if so. They don't have to be very long at all -- about 1-2 pages. And in the future, we might be able to get you free books for doing it. Maybe even free movie tickets.

Other news other news...hmm...well, my computer's officially busted. I had a mild panic attack about it last night, but Kevin eventually got me calmed down. Power problems, so I really can't keep going on as is. I dropped it off today to be fixed; I should have it back within two weeks, a couple hundred dollars poorer. Sigh. It did happen at pretty much the best possible time, since Kevin can loan me his old laptop for the interim. He's looking to sell it -- it's a Mac 2400C with 80M of RAM; he has a lot of stuff that goes with it (printer, CD-ROM drive, ZIP drive, docking station, etc.) -- if you're interested, let me know and I'll put you in touch with him.

I need to get back to work for now -- busy day. I'll be leaving around 3 to go record some CD's. :-) If you didn't catch yesterday's entry, go back and read the last bit. Advice before 3 would be welcome...

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