Morning! I’d made…

Morning! I'd made myself a little ill with overworking yesterday, but I'm feeling much better today -- in part because I got a really nice phone call. Duncan called from Melcher (the packager for AE), and told me that it's just gone into third printing! The initial order was for 40,000 copies, the second a few weeks ago was for 10,000, and this latest is for 15,000. Very happy-making. :-)

Even better, they're thinking of doing a sequel, and they'd like me to edit it. So they're going to pitch it to Crown -- we'll see what happens. It may be a bit messy with that Best Internet Erotica proposal there already, but with any luck, next year I'll be editing another book. Whichever book it turns out to be, it'll make me happy, so cross your fingers for me, please.

Other nice things that happened this morning: two of my students missed their appointments (which would be irritating, except that I'm still a little tired, so it was sort of a relief), had a brief radio thing for AE on WJBC Illinois, chatted with Roshani for a pleasant hour, and started rereading A Song for Arbonne, in preparation for meeting with Chris again on Sunday to continue our Kay discussion (which I think will turn into a lovely article for SH. Speaking of which, another neat thing is the new CS editorial, in which the magazine introduces its new little brother. Very cute and funny -- I wish I'd written it!

Back to my book now, I think. My throat's sore, so I'm going to take it easy for today. If I have energy, I'll make a run out to the Indian grocery store this afternoon -- I'm out of turmeric, chili powder, and curry leaves, which is just appalling. I had to make Thai curry for lunch, 'cause all you need is coconut milk and bottled paste. (Yummy -- wasn't really all that much of a hardship :-).

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