Okay, so I must…

Okay, so I must apologize a little bit for inflicting yesterday's entry upon you. I wanted to respond to David and Jed about some of those issues (because we've been discussing them), and I had to write a response piece for class that conveniently happened to be on the same topic, and I figured it would be an easy way to give y'all a sense of what I'm doing in grad school (on the lit side of things). But dumping a pile of post-colonial theory on you without warning was perhaps a little mean.

In more reasonable news, the new issue of Strange Horizons is up, with what may be my favorite story so far, "I Know Why Sales Clerks Fall From the Sky". :-) It's also very satisfying to have an article on Egypt (and its media misrepresentations) from Carol Paton, one of my local sf workshop compadres. I saw the first draft of that article, and she did a terrific job getting it into its final shape -- everyone be happy for her -- it's her first publication! :-)

I'm not sure what other news is there; I suspect my brain of not working too well at the moment. Grading last night, so I slept about three hours, and I was already feeling somewhat ill (enough so that I didn't go to workshop for the first time this semester). I think I've had something like eight cups of tea in the last twelve hours -- I'm amazed I slept at all. My body feels very strange, but I think I can stay awake through teaching and class.

May check in later -- if not, have a good day!

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