Briefly, because my…

Briefly, because my fingers are hurting a bit. Spent the morning getting caught up on e-mail; I'm going to break and do dishes and have lunch, and then I'll do my crits for the online erotica class -- I'm four behind at the moment. :-( Bad MA.

Have been feeling ill still, and unmotivated a lot of the time -- but for the most part, managing to get my work done, which is good. Had an excellent rehearsal last night, and a good conversation with Katie (writing professor) in which she was encouraging about my sending "A Gentle Man" out once I do one more set of revisions (either Sunday or Monday according to my current schedule).

I've been very mopey lately. Really overwhelmingly sit-around-weeping in the evenings sad. I have no idea why. I think I'm just tired and want cosseting and there's no one here to cosset me. I'm very glad I'm going to Seattle next weekend to visit Kirstie, even though it means I'll miss a bunch of local parties. Old friends are best. What's that line about silver and gold?

Kevin's and my schedules are terrible for the next few months. He could come out for Thanksgiving, but I'm going to the East Coast then. I might see how much a three-leg ticket would be, so that I can spend a night with him on my way there. Otherwise, I won't see him 'til mid-December. Meep.

Best go. By three, I should be at Anne's house, practicing on her spinet; I'm going to accompany her and Kerry tomorrow, and I haven't done more than look at the music yet (because they gave it to me last night, and I don't have a piano). Planning on spending most of the afternoon there, and then calling Kev for a nice long natter after dinner. That'll be good. Tomorrow it's SCA Arts and Sciences festival all day; we're playing a really lovely five-part Christmas hymn for the contest -- that'll be good. I'm not doing *any* work tomorrow; I can't remember the last day like that.

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