Hey. Sorry for the…

Hey. Sorry for the mopey poetry last night; I'll try not to inflict too much of that sort of thing on you. Still feeling a little blue today; trying to decide whether to go out in a week and a half or not. It's the weekend before classes start at Chicago, *and* he's got a conference the following week where he has to present, so he'll be super busy. Not nearly as much fun going to see him when he spends all his time staring at a yellow legal pad and scribbling. I mean, he's still cute, but if I just sat there staring at him, I think it would be distracting. :-)

Heh. Okay, I can't stay really mopey for long. Even if he's busy, I may go out anyway -- Roshani's baby shower is that weekend. She's due October 22, and I'm really enjoying seeing her every month, watching her tummy expand. It's like time-lapse photography. :-)

I think I can give you the big news now, since I've talked to the staff about it. Brace yourselves -- this is huge...

I'm handing over control of Clean Sheets to Susannah Indigo.

She's been my Associate Editor for about a year, and is fabulous (and a good author in her own right). She has energy and drive and vision for what she'd like CS to be. She actually enjoys dealing with the money aspects. I think she's going to be great.

I'm staying on staff to help advise (and do the CS book, if possible) for at least a year. I'm just handing over the responsibility and final decision power to Susannah. It is such a relief; I can't tell you. I think I had taken CS as far as I knew how -- it needs to grow if it's going to keep up with the field (new magazines are popping up everywhere, and SL just switched to a weekly format), and I just don't know how to take it forward.

It's a little sad too, of course. My baby... I'll hand things over officially to her on Oct 1, so I can say that I founded the magazine and ran it for two years. That seems like a good amount of time, enough that I can feel like I really accomplished something.

It's going to be interesting to see what she does with it.

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