Morning, people. The…

Morning, people. The new issue of Strange Horizons is up -- there's a nice science article on the moon by Brian Tung -- remember him? Used to be a poetry editor for Clean Sheets...and before that, co-moderator of the EROS Workshop. One of his hobbies is astronomy. I also love the fiction piece we've got up there, "Eliyahu ha-Navi" -- would be curious to hear what you think.

I'm feeling extra virtuous today because instead of sleeping in as was my right, I got up at 6, did some prep, and then went and taught two classes that weren't even mine. Clark is out of town and I was covering them for him. That's got to be some good karmic points there...(does it still count if you pat yourself on the back for it? :-)

I just met with a student and have another coming in a half hour, so I'm going to go get some lunch. After that, I have to finish the first third of Edward Said's Orientalism, which is fascinating but somewhat dense. Slow going. Also have to read and crit two stories for workshop tonight. Another student coming at 4:30, then off to campus to print and copy the story that I'll be passing out tonight to be critiqued next week. So far, grad school isn't impossibly hard, but there is an awful lot of reading. If I didn't read fast, I think I might be in real trouble trying to keep up. I've certainly been cutting back on the tv in the last few weeks. (Did I mention that I tried digital cable? I decided against it; too expensive and I don't use it enough. Was fun while it lasted, though).

I may check in later if I start drowning in Said.

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