Morning. I’m in a very…

Morning. I'm in a very good mood; some big changes are going to be taking effect shortly, and I think they're going to make my life a lot more pleasant. Details to come; it's still all a bit up in the air.

Went to a nice party last night at a colleague's house. Really pleasant; mostly other grad students in my department, and it was small enough that I got to talk to people for a while, which you don't always get to do at parties. Had sushi and screwdrivers, which turns out to be a delightful combination.

This morning I slept in and am now about to go get ready to pack up baby laptop and go work in a cafe with Jenn. This is a good thing -- I probably would have puttered otherwise, and I have a revision due Monday to workshop which I would really prefer to not be embarrassingly bad. I'm kinda nervous about it -- this is the first piece they'll be seeing from me. What if they don't like it? What if they wonder why I was let into the program? What if it really isn't any good? (The story is "A Gentle Man"). Meep. I really respect these people; they're damn fine writers. I want them to respect me.

Turns out bread-baking with Prakash isn't happening this weekend; maybe next weekend. Ah well. I'll cook something tomorrow anyway; I'm definitely in the mood. And I may make myself some crepes for breakfast before I go -- that's if I manage to get off this computer, of course.

Okay, I'm going, I'm going. Talk to you later!

10 p.m. Well, it was a productive day. Jenn and I went to the cafe at Wild Oats, and though it was a little odd working in a grocery store, the couch was pretty comfortable. I managed to revise "A Gentle Man", and I think I'm happy enough with it that I can hand it in to class without too much apprehension. I also read about half of A Passage to India for class; I had to stop at that point because it was just too depressing. I'll finish it tomorrow.

I'm trying to read a fantasy novel now by Hambly, but it's got far too much romantic mushiness in it. I miss Kev. I miss him something fierce. I hadn't planned on going out again until sometime in October, but I think I may see if I can find a decent fare for end of September. I can survive two weeks, right?

Okay, I found a reservation for 9/28. I'll have to check with Kev to make sure he doesn't have something scheduled for that weekend; I know sometime around then or the following weekend he'll be out of town at a conference. Still, I feel better making the reservation. The mind is a strange thing.

no, don't answer --
i know.

what is this
that rises
and sinks

    what is this
    here and
    and here

are you
from me

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