Hey, munchkins. Como…

Hey, munchkins. Como estas? (Hmmm...it doesn't look right without the inverted question mark preceding it...) I'm having a pretty good day; slept in hard -- woke up around 10. Drank tea, checked mail -- went for a checkup, had them take some blood ("All doctors are wampires...." Pavel Chekhov), walked home, felt a little dizzy, ate something, talked with Jeff (I sent him "Cinderella" yesterday, after a marathon writing session finished it off), called Crown about a review copy for Jeff, met with students. A little tired, though I've only been up 3.5 hours at this point.

Plan for today is to write an AE article thing for Puritan, clean up, pay bills. Somehow, the place got to be really a mess in the last few days; I'm tired of it. There's a party tonight, so I don't know that I'll get much else done today. Oh -- I'll try to finish How Aliens Think, by Judith Grossman, which I'm reading for class -- I'm really liking it. The first story especially was gorgeous.

Might run out to grocery store; not much to eat in the house. Might put it off 'til tomorrow; I'm hoping to do some good cooking this weekend. Prakash is planning to come over so I can teach him how to bake bread -- we'll probably make focaccia because that's what I'm craving (with baked garlic cloves...mmm...). Though all the oil in that does not make it the healthiest food to cook.

My doctor chided me a little about my weight (though I did lose three pounds since the last time I was in there, which is something). She is a very slender woman who looks like she's been ten pounds underweight her entire life. Frustrating. I really would like to get into better shape; climbing a flight of stairs gets me out of breath, and that is really not a good thing. We'll see how the TSH results come back; if I'm lucky, she'll decide I'm still undermedicated and move my dose up higher, which will probably make it easier to lose weight (faster metabolism). Fingers crossed (hmm...it feels a little weird to be hoping that I'm sicker than I might be...)

It is frustrating though, because I do eat healthy. A little heavy on the carbs, but basically no snacks, normal-sized meals, few sweets, no soda, generally low fat (except for the rare Haagen-Daz or B&J attack). I guess I'll try to get a higher protein ratio in; I'm just used to having a bed of rice for my curry -- that feels like the right proportion, rather than the 1/3 meat, 1/3 veg., 1/3 rice that Americans more typically do.

Time to buy some more yoghurt too.

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