Well, I’m a little…

Well, I'm a little annoyed. PayPal has come out with a new fee structure, as is their right, and one change they've made is that instead of taking a clean 1.9% cut from everything, they now take .25 if it's under $10. Which makes is a lot harder to do micropayments on stories (relevant both for my site and possible for the magazines). Grumble grumble. You remember I went through and put little .25 buttons after each of my stories a few weeks ago? It took some time. Someone even sent me a quarter. :-) But now I either have to take them down (because PayPal will just get the .25, which I'm not inclined to have them do) or raise the amount (and even if I raise it to .50, so I'm still getting .25, it'll bug me that PayPal is getting half of a readers' donation). Just too much nuisance. I'll probably just take 'em all down once I get around to it.

In other news -- well, I was a lazy bum last night. I watched tv from 6-11, and I didn't feel guilty at all. Okay, a little. More than a little. But I did it anyway, and only did e-mail work on commercial breaks. And not even all of those. (When did I become such a workaholic, anyway? I bet it was less than five years ago. If I go back and read through the journal, I wonder if I can find the transition...)

Today I work 'til dinner; then dinner with Prakash and possibly going to a reading in the evening. I also clean up my damn apartment; it hasn't really recovered from the camping trip and dinner afterwards. It's a bit weird how much it bugs me to have it messy. I've gotten so compulsive. Let it go, let it go...

Ah well. In the good news, the new issue of Clean Sheets is up, and looking lovely. I really owe a huge debt to Susannah Indigo and Brian Peters; they've been keeping CS running smoothly while I've been all caught up in start of grad school and Strange Horizons and Aqua Erotica stuff. Dolls. Sweethearts. Incredibly competent. Have you ever noticed that competence is really sexy?

(Brian has also been my managing editor at SH, and is astonishingly competent there too. I need to create a special Brian Award or something...)

CS is going to be hitting its two-year anniversary soon! We're still on a bit of a wobbly financial footing, but I have to say that I'm really proud of baby. Not a baby anymore! She'll be a toddler. (In my head, I think of CS as a girl and SH as a boy -- how weird is that?) I go back through the archives occasionally and I'm really astonished at how much is there, how much we've published. It was just a whim, really, when we got started. I had no idea how much work it would be, or what it would turn into. And to think that in October, it'll be two years old...ah, it makes a mother proud. (And from what I hear, we have a truly fabulous staff issue coming up. :-)

I've been thinking that maybe I should organize my week better -- right now it's sort of haphazard, do what needs to be done at any given time. I could set aside Saturday for magazine work, for example. Sunday and Monday for class work. Wednesday for bill paying and catch-up. Friday for writing. (Tuesday and Thursday I'm booked all day, usually). It sounds like a nice plan, but I think it would totally not work in actual fact. Oh well.

Anyway, I'm just avoiding work right now (this morning is clearing desk and bill paying, not my favorite thing, followed by empty out e-mail and do more dishes, with perhaps a dash of cleaning bedroom and/or doing homework -- plus I need to call Bob, which makes me nervous), so I'd better go. By the way -- if you're one of the people who posted some more positive reviews to Amazon for AE lately -- thanks a lot. The star average is still at 3 (which still seems odd to me, since I do think it's a better book than my own, which is at 4.5), but the reviews are looking better than they were. I don't get as depressed when I read them all over (which I do about daily -- did I mention being compulsive?). Thanks.

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