Hey, munchkins. I’ve…

Hey, munchkins. I've calmed down a little, after absolutely pounding through my work yesterday. There's very little left to do before I go to campus, which is good. I also finally have some other customer reviews at Amazon for AE! Two five-star reviews, which brings the average up to 3.5, which is comforting. Still not entirely uncritical, nor as exuberantly positive as I might have hoped, but if they're willing to give it five stars, I'm not going to complain. :-)

I want people to think this is the best thing since sliced bread. :-)

The rest of this week is largely devoted to launching Strange Horizons on Friday, on time! Which means for me that I'd really like to have it done by Thursday night, because that's the last chance I'll have to look at it before I become totally immersed in Con -- and Wednesday night would be better. Sean, my webmaster, is frantically working to get all the material integrated with the web design. Once that happens, I'll be better able to see what's missing. Cross your fingers for us, okay?

Hmm...nothing else deep or profound to say, and I have an editorial to revise, so I'd best get to it. Talk to y'all later...

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